Saturday, 2 June 2012

Char Kuey Teow (炒粿條/Penang Fried Flat Noodles)

Thermomix Char Kuey Teow (炒粿條/ Penang Fried Flat Noodles/ Kway Tiow Goreng)

Feel like having Char Kuey Teow today....

Went Tesco to get ingredients for Curry Kapitan and couldn't help it seeing bean sprouts and thought of Char Kuey Teow, so got myself a packet of Kuey Teow too.

I've cooked at least thrice before with my Thermomix but this time I did not refer to any recipe and worse, I do not have any shrimps in freezer! Oh well, I just give it a go with whatever I have, it turned out not bad :)

Tried to trace back, I got this from Rasa Malaysia's recipe, thanks Bee  :)
Ingredients: (recipe for 2-3 persons)
Chili Paste:~30 pieces deseeded dried red chilies (soak in water)2 fresh red chilies (deseeded)3 small shallots (peeled and sliced)15g oilA pinch of salt
Sauce (mix and blend well):3 tablespoons soy sauce1 tablespoon dark soy sauce1 teaspoon salt1 tablespoon sugar1/2 teaspoon fish sauceScant 1/2 teaspoon salt2 dashes white pepper powder
Other Ingredients:3 cloves garlic10g cooking oil12 deshelled prawns (submerge in ice cold water plus 2 tablespoons sugar for 30minutes)2 Chinese sausages (sliced diagonally - optional) A bunch of fresh bean sprouts (rinsed with cold water and drained)
500-600g (1 packet) fresh flat rice noodles (soaked & loosen *assure no clumps) 500g bloody cockles (extract the cockles by opening its shell)A bunch of Chinese chives (removed about 1-inch of the bottom section and cut into 2-inch lengths)

*Tips: please make sure your kuey teow is for frying not for soup (there are two types, the soup type is really soft ones and that can cause disaster.. i.e. your CKT will ended up like a starchy kueh.

1) Put in all Chili Paste ingredients into TM bowl and set 10secs/ Speed 7-10, scrapped down and set time 10mins/ Speed *spoon*
2) Dish out 3/4 of the cooked Chili Paste (if kids can't have it spicy, then clean out all).
3) Add in 3 cloves of garlic (skin off), 6secs/ Spd 5. Add another 10 g of cooking oil, 2mins/ V/ Spd *spoon*

4) Add prawns and sausages, 3mins/ V/ Rev spoon, add in bean sprouts at remaining 2mins

5) While waiting, mix sauce evenly to flat noodle
6) Add in noodles with sauce into bowl after beep, set 5mins/ V/ Rev spoon, (if using cockles, add in at remaining 2mins) add in chives at the remaining 1min


Here's mine without any meat.. vege version, still taste good :)


  1. This is very good. I can't never get it right cooking noodles with Thermomix... ! :(

  2. eh.. i missed your comment.. lol.. There's difference in the noodles. Some kway teow I bought cannot cook, it'll melt away